Sunday, 14 July 2013


Recently, I've been putting a lot of effort into preparing for my IAM test so was off elsewhere and I missed the lads' Wednesday ride out..... Seems it was't such a successful rideout...certainly not for Geoff.

Getting off his bike at Archer's Fish 'n'n Chip shop in Woodhall Spa, his bike toppled over..and Geoff with it..and he was stationary at the time. Result? A bike with a few scratches, Geoff with a badly-broken lower right leg, and no one had any fish 'n'chips!

His bike was lifted off him and in obvious and severe pain, Geoff's right boot was swiftly removed by the lads before his ankle had time to swell up inside. The ambulance arrived in double-quick time, followed by the police and Geoff was whizzed of to Pilgrim Hospital in Boston.

His right leg has now been screwed, pinned, plated and fettled up generally and he is back home. He's not allowed to put any weight on his leg for six weeks, though.

Thanks must go to the staff and owner of Archers for their prompt response and help in dealing with the situation. If you are ever in Woodhall Spa, try Archers for yoursellves. They are at 29 Witham Rd, Woodhall Spa LN10 6RW

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