Monday, 6 January 2014


Yes, I know I've not been posting for a while. No reason...just no chippies. Well, all that has now changed. 11 bikes from Boston Advanced Motorists converged on Dave's in Sheringham, Norfolk on Sunday 5th January. For a number of us it was a 220 mile round trip, starting at 9.30 a.m in dry sunny but frosty conditions. The temperature reached a sub-tropical 4 degrees Celsius by the time I made the starting point at Algarkirk and after a round about ride to Sheringham, we were basking in a temperature of 7 Celsius. No rain and no wind! A speedy ride back to the Anglia Motel on the A17 and we were still dry! All good things, it seems, must come to and end, though and for me the last 44 miles were in the dark, in the wind and in the rain. Washed most of the salt off the bike, though.

What was that? You want to improve your riding and driving skills, and reduce the risk of being involved in an accident? Yes, we cover cars as well as bikes so why not visit Boston Advanced Motorists at the Springfield Motor
bike Show, Spalding, on Saturday/Sunday 25th and 26th January