Friday, 5 September 2014

This is it has to be schnitzel

..and a great one too, at the Zur Alten Abtel restaurant in Prum in the Eifel region. The miles just flashed by today, all 260 of 'em from Calais to here, mainly motorway. Was joined at motorway services lunch break by 4 BMW ditch pump riders from Norfolk. Then a Gold Wing turned up and the rider assured me that the Stelvio Pass was a great ride...even on a Gold Wing. Arriving in Prum, went past my hotel 4 times before I recognised it, disguised as it was behind a big sign saying "hotel".

I've decided to give motorways a miss for Saturday's leg to Rastatt at the northern entrance to the Black Forest, so I've set the sat nav to miss them. Same journey time, just 40 miles shorter at 160 miles. Might actually do some sightseeing!

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Made it to Calais!

Foreign touring does not get any better than this! Thursday night in the Ibis Budget at Coquelles! At least the bike should be safe as part of the car park has been sectioned off as Gendarmes nest, for some reason. There's hundreds of them....or at least 40 or 50. 

No photos I'm afraid, as there are no fish and chip shops to report.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Off to the continent,

Just setting off on the Pan  on a tour to the famous Stelvio Pass. I hope to bring you news of the best fish and chip shops in that won't take many words!

Watch this space!