Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Hi! Honeybun! No, not you! These three!

When in Spilsby, the place to head for is Honeybun, 26-28 Market Street Spilsby.  How do I know? I've been there, that's how I know. It was Spilsby Bike Night on Tuesday 21st May and your heroes: Alan, Colin, Geoff, Maurice, Brian and more , many more headed to this Lincolnshire market town in the renowned Lincolnshire Wolds. We were not alone. Of course not, how can seven people be alone? There were in fact hundreds of bikes, hundreds of bikers and hundreds of non-bikers looking at the hundreds of bikes and the hundreds of bikers: that is what bikes nights are all about. 

The happy people of Honeybun
showing their support for the Wolds Bikers
It's thirsty work, though, so off to find a tea room and the one we found was Honeybun. Newly opened and serving tea, coffee and really great cake, I think they have weaned us off fish 'n' chips!

Colin enjoying himself with an old friend
Oh yes! My next bike.
Or even this one!

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