Friday, 7 June 2013


Louth Bike Night Thursday 6th June

All round, a good night. Sunny and reasonably warm, huge crowds of bikers and non-bikers - and bikes - keeping the local shops busy. The Wolds Bikers stand was busy as can be seen from these images. If visibility and awareness was our objective, then it was a success. If promotion of the Wolds Bikers Charity Night ( Friday 12th July 6 pm till late at the Coach and Horses Billinghay) was our objective, that too was a success, with numerous event flyers handed out.   

Nearly forgot...great fish 'n' chips from Louth's Mr Chips. 

Tony and Daryl snare another victim!

but others escape with wallets intact

Correct fuelling is vital for optimum performance

Proof that we did promote the Charity Bike Night

No sitting down on the job!

After this, can you really take the organisers seriously?

You WILL enter our prize draw!

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